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Рубрика «Абордаж»

July 30, 2020

Классное видео сделали ребята о том, как судно WAKASHIO (флаг - Панама) село на мель в районе острова Маврикий.

Однако, ситуация противоречивая и может быть далеко не весёлой. Там сейчас все напряжены, так как не понимают, что она перевозила.

И уже местные серферы говорят о возможной экологической катастрофе. @piratebarge

2020-07-26 - MV Wakashio - Beached at Pointe D'Esny
Taken at sunrise this morning long before the Police Helicopter took off (I had inquired as to the take off time)... As per recent Press Conference from about half an hour ago, drones are henceforth not allowed because of Helicopter rounds... . I have approached the Coast Guard this morning offering my help in providing the footage and for anything else they require drone-wise (free of charge of course)... I'll be thrilled to lend a hand :-) . Do watch the very clear and detailed explanations from the new CP in the press conf below... Very satisfied with the level of communication there and I can confirm that there is no oil spill... let's hope it stays that way! . And all the best to the brave men of the coast guard and helicopter squadron who will have the humongous task of seeing this through! . https://www.facebook.com/SuperReubs/posts/10157036039672407